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January 2023

Unique Page Designs Welcomes You to 2023!

Marketing Partner to Growing Businesses

Unique Page Designs Brochures and Promo ProductsThe key to our success has been your support. We appreciate your collaboration with Unique Page Designs throughout the year and we look forward to working with you in 2023. 

As we continue to provide excellence in design and customer service, remember we have a wide variety of services for all your marketing needs. Not only websites but brochures, annual reports, corporate videos, Zoom backgrounds, promotional products, packaging design, and more – so your branding flows through all platforms and media, making your company recognizable and a household name!


Here are a few ways we helped our clients last year.

Unique Page Designs redesigns a 95-page website on tight deadline!
BioNJ had an older website that served its purpose. With the new PHP and WordPress updates rolling out in 2023, they were told it wasn't going to withstand the new technology and were given a near impossible timeframe and budget to update.

UPD was able to get it turned around and the new website was launched before the New Year in only a month and a half. Not only updating the technology, but we improved the navigation making it user friendly and attention grabbing for a better experience.

View the Website

Website testimonials so far:

"The new BioNJ site is very impressive and easy to navigate.   
Visuals are great and filled with informative data for BioNJ members
and all those who will visit the site."
Wow - looks great! Congrats on the new website!
Looks great!
I Love it!!!


WordPress is updating to PHP 8.1! Is your site ready? Are you worried your site might not stand up to the new updates in 2023? Or, does it simply need a facelift?

Reach out to Unique Page Designs for a free quote today! For more information call 610-316-3733.

Time Square Billboards!
Designing a billboard for Time Square is always such fun! This is another project UPD completed for Conveyor Marketing.

Click these videos to watch. Horizontal BillboardVertical Billboard.

Ever thought of having your name splashed on a moving billboard? You don't have to go as far away to Times Square to advertise! Moving billboards are now everywhere locally.

Contact Unique Page Designs to get in front of your clients with video or animation on Billboards! For more information call 610-316-3733.

Promotional Products of last year!
Here are some fun products we created last year for Bichsel Marketing Group. Their client Tricol developed a cute plush toy which UPD helped design the hang tag for. We also designed bookmarks and sticky tablets.

Hang Tag Mechanical

Plush Toy Hang Tag

Sticky Tablet

Thinking of fun ways to get your company name out there? Contact Unique Page Designs to get in front of your clients with Promo Products!

While we are talking Promotional Products... You will need a
website to promote your products!
Here is a store we created for a Business Mentor company called MentorcliQ. The goal was to create an internal store for their employee giveaways.

Check it out. Sorry! You can't order from the Swag Store as it is for MentorcliQ employees and affiliates only.

Reach out to Unique Page Designs for more information on Promo Products and Websites! For more information call 610-316-3733.


COMING SOON! New video filmed and edited by Unique Page Designs to debut early this year.

UPD Video created for U of PennUPD has been working on a video for Conveyor Marketing and we can't wait to share it with you in the next issue of UPD's Creative News! Stay Tuned.


Need a video to spotlight your sales team? We have everything you need for your next sales video including an HD Sony camera, digital wireless mics and teleprompter to make you look and sound your best!

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