The specific features and services included in a web design package can vary widely depending on your requirements. Some web design packages may include additional services such as website hosting, domain registration or e-commerce functionality.

Our basic packages include:
  1. Consultation and planning: Discussing your requirements and objectives for the website and identifying the features and functionalities that are needed.
  2. Design and development: Creating a custom design for the website, developing the site’s layout and structure, and building the website’s functionality using programming such as HTML, CSS, and WordPress.
  3. Content creation: Creating or gathering the text, images, videos, and other content that will be featured on the website (provided by client).
  4. Testing and launch: Testing the website’s functionality and ensuring that it works correctly across different devices and web browsers, before launching it to the public.
  5. Maintenance and updates: Ongoing maintenance and updates to the website, to ensure that it remains secure, up-to-date, and relevant to the client’s needs.

The packages below provide a general breakdown of our most popular website packages. Need more customization for your website? Contact us to discuss our Premium plans.


Extras are for people who want to add and expand their package to fit their needs.

General Updates: $ 75.00 per hour
Additional pages: $ 100.00 per page
Additional Form Page: $ 50.00-100.00
Custom Graphics: $ 75.00 per hour
Custom Programming: $ 75.00 to $100.00 per hour
Scanning: $ 15.00 per scan
Copy Writing: $ 65.00 per hour